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More regional broadcasters in the Netherlands make the switch to OmniPlayer

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OmniPlayer has started the new year expeditiously. In the first weeks of 2021, another three regional broadcasters in the Netherlands have chosen to use the radio automation software, produced by M&I Broadcast Services. MeerRadio (municipality of Haarlemmermeer), NH Gooi (Gooi area) and Omroep Venray have been added to the extensive list of broadcasters using OmniPlayer Radio Automation Software.

Ricardo Bos, Tech Manager at MeerRadio, is happy with the switch to OmniPlayer: ‘This is a great step into making MeerRadio more professional. With OmniPlayer we’re able to broadcast great radio. It is a massive asset for us, as creators, but especially for our listeners, too.’


OmniPlayer is a product made by M&I Broadcast Services. Peter van Klei, Director of Sales and Marketing, is very happy about the start of 2021: ‘ With OmniPlayer we’ve designed a product that isn’t just fit for the bigger broadcaster. For small(er) stations conditions such as continuity and flawless integration with existing infrastructures are essential too. With MeerRadio, NH Gooi and Omroep Venray choosing to use OmniPlayer, a clear message is being sent: OmniPlayer isn’t’ simply a broadcasting system for the big, nationwide broadcasters!’

About OmniPlayer

OmniPlayer, part of M&I Broadcast Services, is the number one supplier of radio automation software in the Netherlands and beyond. Most regional and nationwide stations in the Netherlands use OmniPlayer to create, manage, edit, playout and broadcast their content, news and music flawlessly. The software is trusted by prominent European media companies such as Radio Italia, NPO, DPG Media, Elemedia and Talpa.

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