PowerGold, the fastest radio music scheduling software

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What is PowerGold?

Powergold is a music scheduling software for radio stations. Thanks to its intuitive and fast interface, users can create balanced music playlists to broadcast into the waves easily. This radio music scheduling software meets all the daily needs of thousands of stations worldwide, including the BBC, 3 FM and Radio2. It enables music scheduling wherever you work- at home, on-the-go, or at the radio station- and it’s ready to work fast across demanding networked environments. Powergold makes music scheduling fast and simple.

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What are PowerGold’s features?

Automate your playlists creation

Use PowerGold to automate the creation of your music scheduling by establishing rules and parameters

Manage your playlist

Take advantage of previous schedules and manage all your historical playlists

Edit and program your scheduling

You can set and create your own playlists with this radio music scheduling software

Analyse the ROI of your scheduling

Check the performance of your playlists and schedulings

Control your database

PowerGold enables to import, export and share all your content with different stations

Advantages of PowerGold and M&I

PowerGold is the fastest music scheduling software for radio. Thanks to its network optimization capabilities, this system is ready to provide the quickest user experience even with slow or high-latency VPN/WAN connection.

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With PowerGold there are no complications in your music scheduling. Thanks to its easy to use and intuitive user interface, you can create and schedule all your playlists without any complex process. PowerGold is fast and simple wherever you are: at home, at your radio station, on-the-go...


Combine all the features of PowerGold with OmniPlayer. Thanks to their flexibility, you will be able to import your music playlists from Powergold into M&I’s radio automation software, creating a combined workflow that will allow you to make radio in a simple, intuitive, reliable and efficient way.


Automate your playlists creation

Establish rules for your playlist

Establish rules and PowerGold will learn how to improve the quality of your schedule. Save time and improve efficiency by establishing your rules, critical points and editing parameters and let the radio music scheduling software complete the rest

Set the level of the rules

Set up and control offsets and separations for your music playlist with PowerGold. Establish values and rules with different levels of priority using this music scheduling software for radio. Let Powergold’s do the rest of the work to create unique and varied playlists.

Avoid repetitions

Avoid the repetition of genres and categories in your music playlists. Set the strategic positions on your timeline and PowerGold will fill the gaps with random but perfectly categorized content for each specific time. Say no to repetitions and yes to variety in your music scheduling automation.

Create and edit your scheduling

Take control of your playlist

Create your own schedule within seconds. Replace and insert your content easily wit PowerGold shortcut keys. Out of inspiration? Let the radio music scheduling software suggest edits. If you prefer, you can make them manually in your playlist making your scheduling process more user-friendly

Adapt to any change

PowerGold allows you to customize your programming as you go by substituting any position with whatever you choose with a quickly and seamlessly process. Do you need any temporary adjustments for your scheduling due to holiday season changes or a special program. PowerGold incorporates them in just a few steps.

Analyze the ROI of your content

Adjust your automation rules

Analyze the performance and statistics of the decisions made by the automatic automation. PowerGold enables you to review and adjust your programming rules based on this data in order to get the best music flow in your radio broadcast planning.

Deep dive on your playlists

With PowerGold you can analyze all your playlist and programming variables in a single window: check the average repetition of groups and songs; make inferred changes in song counts, effortlessly discover the availability of new songs for programming, and analyze the number of times each category is used in a time span.

Trendy music on your playlists

Ensure that the most popular and trendy songs are included in your playlists. PowerGold provides the latest values, surveys and trending information about your music. Be sure that your audience listens to the songs that they want and make decisions based on data for your playlists.

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