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What is our podcast publisher software? 

With +30 years of experience in radio, M&I Broadcast Services has emerged as the trusted partner for radio stations across Europe, offering Omniplayer, our top-notch radio podcast publisher software. Our cutting-edge management tools are designed to be state-of-the-art and reliable. 

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What can OmniPlayer provide you with?

Podcast publisher

Easily create your own podcasts and publish them anywhere

Multi-channel publishing

Distribute your content across multiple platforms easily.

Visual radio

Complement your broadcast with captivating visuals.

Podcast publisher

Export and convert titles

With the OmniPlayer Podcast Publisher, you can effortlessly export and convert titles from the OmniPlayer database, making it easy to upload a podcast. Assign multiple profiles to different database categories, and simply save or drag & drop titles into these categories.

Seamless publishing

The Podcast Publisher automatically handles the export, conversion, and seamless publishing of these titles to your chosen channels in the background. Additionally, it provides the option to create an iTunes XML feed during export and even apply sound processing using external VST plugins like StereoTool (license required) during conversion. Streamline your podcasting workflow with the OmniPlayer Podcast Publisher.

Multi channel publishing  

Distribute your content

OmniPlayer, the versatile radio podcast publisher software, acts as a dynamic content factory, enabling radio stations to effortlessly distribute their content across multiple platforms and locations using its Multi Channel Publishing feature. Seamlessly integrated within OmniPlayer is an intelligent social media engine, allowing users to effortlessly publish individual titles or entire playlists to popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, and Podcast channels.

Schedule your distribution

Users have the freedom to handpick specific content, select the destination platform, add relevant metadata, and determine the perfect timing for publication. With sound processing, normalization, sound file conversion, and automatic uploading to designated platforms all seamlessly managed in the background, OmniPlayer takes care of every aspect. Experience effortless, efficient, and tailored multi-platform content sharing with OmniPlayer.

Visual radio

Incorporate visuals to your radio broadcast

Visual Radio is an innovative feature that enhances radio broadcasts by incorporating captivating visuals, creating an immersive and engaging experience for the audience. OmniVeo, the revolutionary visual radio software, seamlessly combines audio with visuals to transform radio broadcasts into immersive experiences.

Easy content preparation

With OmniVeo, you can effortlessly incorporate videos, stills, graphics, and camera feeds, increasing audience engagement and attracting commercial partners. The software ensures stunning visuals on all screens and is user-friendly for DJs and producers. By attaching video files to audio files and leveraging automatic metadata display, content preparation becomes quick and easy.

Prepare your visual experience

With OmniVeo and OmniPlayer, audio and video seamlessly sync and broadcast across platforms, offering a dynamic visual experience for the audience. Visuals can switch between recorded video, live feeds, and static images, providing a captivating experience during live broadcasts. Default visuals can be set for audio tracks without accompanying videos, ensuring a continuous visual experience for the audience.

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