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What is Omniplayer radio playout software?

With +30 years of experience in radio, M&I Broadcast Services has emerged as the trusted partner for radio stations across Europe, offering Omniplayer, our top-notch radio playout software. Its cutting-edge management tools are designed to be state-of-the-art and reliable.

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What can OmniPlayer provide you with?


Ensure your radio broadcast to a secure setud in case of failure.

High redundancy

OmniPlayer clients can automatically reconnect to the mirror server without user intervention.

Split playout

Easily integrate regional commercials, localized news, and jingles into your broadcast.


Secured Playout

When it comes to radio playout systems, hardware solutions can vary in complexity and price, depending on the desired level of redundancy. For backup and redundancy, AirBack is the best option, as in the event of a network failure, radio playout can be seamlessly transitioned to a local setup.

Automatic transfers

AirBack is a crucial component for securing a radio station's broadcasting operations. It automatically duplicates the database, including sound files, from the main server to a backup system such as another server or workstation. This ensures that all necessary materials, including schedules, titles, and audio, are readily available for uninterrupted broadcasting, as it serves as an alternate or complementary solution to other redundancy systems like mirrored servers.

Continuous Broadcasting

One of the key advantages of AirBack is the ability to maintain continuous broadcasting from a single stand-alone workstation. This provides enhanced security compared to server mirroring since it enables broadcasting even during a total network failure.

Intuitive configuration for emergency situations

Configuring AirBack is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing administrators to set up transfers through a straightforward interface without requiring in-depth database knowledge. In emergency situations, users can confidently operate the system without confusion, as warning messages with actionable suggestions are displayed to guide them through the process.

High redundancy

OmniPlayer's server architecture offers a high level of availability, particularly in large installations, through the implementation of a redundant system based on the principle of High Availability. In this setup, two database servers are employed, with one serving as the primary database running a read-write copy, while the other server functions as the mirror database running a read-only copy. Additionally, an arbiter server plays a vital role in determining the primary database server.

If the primary database server becomes unavailable for any reason, the arbiter server instructs the mirror database server to assume the role of the primary. This ensures a seamless transition without the need for manual intervention or significant downtime. The mirroring system effectively reduces database downtime during server maintenance or in the event of server issues.

With this redundancy mechanism in place, administrators can carry out necessary maintenance tasks or address server-related issues while the mirror database server takes over as the primary, as OmniPlayer clients automatically reconnect to the mirror server without user intervention. This streamlined process ensures continuous operation and minimizes disruptions, providing a highly available and reliable radio playout system.

Split playout

OmniPlayer offers versatile playout capabilities, allowing for the seamless integration of regional commercials, localized news, and jingles. This flexibility is supported by various playout modes available in OmniPlayer, including those specifically designed for regional commercial breaks, news segments, sports updates, traffic reports, weather updates, or full-length programs.

To ensure consistency and synchronization, OmniPlayer can automatically stretch commercial breaks, making each regional break or edition the same length and ending at the same time. This feature guarantees a uniform experience for listeners regardless of the region.

With the Smart Linking System in OmniPlayer, commercial splitting and regional branding can be effortlessly managed from a single OmniPlayer OnAir Client. The system generates placeholders within the music playlist, which can be linked to separate OmniPlayer Clients responsible for playout of regional commercial breaks and branding elements.

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