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Qmusic launches first interactive radio channel with OmniPlayer

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With the help of OmniPlayer, the Belgian theme channel Q-Maximum Hits (formerly Qmusic non-stop) started a new interactive radio program online and via DAB+. Listeners themselves can choose the next song that will be played. As a listener you can cast your vote via the Q-Maximum Hits app or via the station’s web stream. Q-Maximum Hits thus becomes the first “interactive digital radio channel” in Belgium.

This voting module has in recent months been developed by the Belgian radio station together with OmniPlayer developers. The aim is to improve listener involvement for Q-Maximum Hits.

This method of listener interaction has been established in very short period of time. Thanks to the ease of use and flexibility of the OmniPlayer API. It went from idea on the drawing board to being live on air in just a few months. This voting application is a great testament of the innovative power of OmniPlayer.

Are you curious about how you can take advantage of the flexibility that OmniPlayer has to offer your radio station? Please feel free to contact us directly.

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