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RTV Noord switches to OmniPlayer


Dutch regional public TV and radio broadcaster RTV Noord has switched over to OmniPlayer radio automation software for all its radio production and broadcasting processes. This switch includes adoption of the system’s integrated SmartTrack multitrack audio editor, RadioTeXX 4.0 for controlling dynamic RDS and AudioWeb which enables reporters to edit and submit new work while on location.

The decision to switch to OmniPlayer was made to facilitate better cooperation between RTV Noord and its sister North Eastern regional broadcasters Omrop Fryslan, RTV Drenthe and RTV Oost.

Jeroen Mennema, Head of Media Facilities & IT RTV Noord: “The switch to OmniPlayer makes sense for facilitating better collaboration between the North Eastern regional broadcasters. We want the software we use for primary broadcast processes to be as harmonised as possible. The vision, stability and innovation that M&I offers us through OmniPlayer perfectly satisfies that goal.”

AudioWeb is particularly useful for broadcasters with journalists out on location. This software enables reporters to quickly and easily submit their contributions from wherever they are. They can also listen to recorded items in the OmniPlayer database, and download and assemble them via the browser, ready for editing through SmartTrack.

Peter van Klei, Commercial Director at M&I Broadcast Services: “In close collaboration with our customers, we have been working really hard over the past few years to improve our product line. In addition to RTV Noord, other Dutch radio broadcasters including NPO Radio 4, NOS Radio 1, Omroep Brabant, RTV Oost, Omrop Fryslan and Evangelische Omroep are switching over the latest version of OmniPlayer with its integrated SmartTrack multitrack audio editor.”

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