OmniPlayer shortlisted for Award at IBC2018

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David De Bruijne

Director of Business Development


The Future Best of Show Award programme, well known for recognising achievements in product innovation and service development, has shortlisted OmniPlayer 3 in the Radio World International Best of Show Award at IBC2018: Radio Broadcast Solutions. This brand new edition of the popular OmniPlayer Radio Automation software will be first shown to the public at IBC in Amsterdam.

The radio landscape is rapidly changing and radio stations require more flexibility in the way they produce radio, whereby great shows can be created from any location on any device, inside or outside the traditional studio environment, and publish content to any platform.

Major radio stations are faced with the growing challenge to stay relevant to a young audience, competing with popular music streaming services and an ever increasing amount of internet radio stations and podcasts. Allowing radio to be created from anywhere without moving bulky equipment around, removes the distance between radio hosts and the audience, allowing radio to be created with – and among – the listeners. Adding easy-to-use multi-channel publishing functions to reach a younger audience on the platforms of their choice.

OmniPlayer 3 is built to support these challenges by decentralizing the radio automation functions and allowing these to run as services on various hardware infrastructures, both locally and in the cloud. Its open architecture allows users to create radio from any location and on any device, controlled by HTML5 thin clients connecting through a sophisticated API. Radio stations may even choose to develop their own OmniPlayer 3 web clients or integrate certain features within other applications running in a web browser.

Controlling the playout from your tablet, phone, or any other device with a browser is as simple as logging in to the OmniPlayer network of one or more radio studio’s and doing whatever you want from any location, within the permissions linked to your profile. This opens tremendous opportunities to how radio is produced, both live as well as pre-recorded shows.

OmniPlayer 3,  pushing the boundaries of radio.

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