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Omniplayer Partners with AI Radio Player at Radiodays Europe Munich 2024

Omniplayer Partners with AI Radio Player to Revolutionize Radio Automation Software at Radiodays Europe Munich 2024


At the forefront of broadcasting innovation, M&I Broadcast Services is excited to announce a groundbreaking collaboration with Sweden’s AI Radio Player. This partnership will be unveiled at Radiodays Europe Munich 2024, spotlighting the next evolution in radio automation software: Omniplayer. From March 17th to 19th, industry leaders will gather to explore the future of radio broadcasting, with M&I Broadcast Services and Omniplayer at the helm, located at Stand 29.


Broadcasting Efficiency Through Innovation

Understanding the dynamic needs of today’s broadcasters, M&I Broadcast Services has developed Omniplayer – a state-of-the-art radio automation platform designed to enhance operational efficiency, streamline content management, and enrich the listener experience. Omniplayer combines intuitive design with powerful features, enabling broadcasters to deliver engaging content effortlessly. In collaboration with AI Radio Player, Omniplayer now introduces an innovative feature: the simulation of presenter voices, propelling radio automation into a new era of creativity and engagement.

Highlights of the Collaboration:

  • Intuitive Automation: Omniplayer’s cutting-edge technology simplifies the complex demands of broadcast management, allowing for seamless operation and content distribution.
  • Advanced Content Management: With enhanced tools for scheduling, editing, and managing content, broadcasters can ensure their programming remains dynamic and captivating.
  • Revolutionary presenter voice simulation: Through AI Radio Player’s technology, Omniplayer brings an unprecedented level of realism and personality to automated broadcasts, offering listeners a richer, more engaging experience.

Join us at Radiodays Europe Munich 2024_stand 29

We invite you to experience the transformative impact of Omniplayer and our partnership with AI Radio Player at Radiodays Europe Munich 2024. Meet our dedicated team, explore the capabilities of Omniplayer, and learn how our innovations are shaping the future of radio broadcasting.

For more information or to arrange an exclusive interview, please contact:

M&I Broadcast Services is committed to advancing the world of radio broadcasting through continuous innovation and strategic partnerships. Join us in Munich to witness the future of radio automation software.

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