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Dutch public broadcaster Omroep Zeeland has switched to OmniPlayer

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We are happy to announce that Omroep Zeeland has switched to OmniPlayer for their entire production and broadcast process. The public broadcaster uses the software for all editorial workplaces and playout in their radio studios.

“OmniPlayer currently offers the most options for the future: especially the prospect of text-based audio editing provides opportunities for a faster workflow. In addition, Omroep Zeeland is happy to join the workflow of (national public broadcaster) NOS: After integrating their iNOS newsroom system, Omniplayer is a logical choice for our radio department”, said Monique Schoonen, director of Omroep Zeeland.

The transfer from Dalet to OmniPlayer went smoothly. Workstations have been replaced one by one. “In the meantime, all employees only needed one hour of instruction to continue working without any problems. The new integrated SmartTrack audio editor for instance is an indispensable link between editorial staff, studio and media management. Up to now there have not been any disruptions or problems ”, says Jeroen van Schaik, head of media technology and IT at Omroep Zeeland.

Peter van Klei, commercial director of OmniPlayer, is very happy with the collaboration: “With Omroep Zeeland we are expanding our portfolio with yet another great station. During our conversations it became clear to me that the innovation that we offer fits in with what they were looking for. I am confident that with the help of important features such as SmartTrack and the various links with online channels Omroep Zeeland and OmniPlayer, we have a bright future ahead.”

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Image: Radio LOUD employees using OmniPlayer in the studio

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